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30 Things a Guy Should Do Before He Turns 30

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  1. Dance with a stranger in a strange land. Salsa with a Latin American beauty on a moonlit beach. Belly dance with a Turkish temptress. Real men CAN dance. 
  2. Drive an amazing car. Whether it’s a rented Ferrari or a classic car you’ve restored yourself there’s nothing like a set of wicked wheels to stir the beast within. 
  3. Give up your seat. Manners maketh the man. Whether its for an expectant mother or an older lady, a gentleman always offers up his seat. 
  4. Ride a horse. Billy The Kid, King Richard the Lionheart, The Charge of the Light Brigade. So many men have ridden a horse to fame and glory so why haven’t you? 
  5. Score the winner. It might have been the decisive goal in a penalty shootout or putting from 15yrds on the 18th green have you got a moment of sporting genius that you can bore your friends with for years to come? (and Call of Duty is NOT a sport) 
  6. Invent your own cocktail. Mix it, shake it, set light to it!?! 
  7. Take a road trip. Destination anywhere. Nothing booked along the way but finding lodging where lady luck dictates. It’s a traveller’s life for me 
  8. High dive into water. A genuine rite of passage for a number of cultures, how high have you taken it? 
  9. Catch, kill and cook your own dinner. Be it the call of the wild or something grown in your own garden. There’s something strangely satisfying about living off the land. 
  10. Make love in open water. Under a waterfall or on a sun drenched beach, it’s every woman’s dream and every guys duty. 
  11. Build a fence. Jack of all trades, master of power tools. A real man can. 
  12. Lived in another country. Experience life from another point of view. And back packing in your gap year really doesn’t count. 
  13. Throw a memorable party. We’re talking the stuff of legend that has grown larger in the re-telling. If you haven’t managed a party to remember by now you’re going to need some tips. 
  14. Empty your pockets for a worthy cause. Material wealth is a mere bauble decadently waved in the face of humanity. Real wealth is doing something for others, money comes and goes and you will soon earn it back so give something to those that deserve a helping hand. We’re not talking loose change, do something worthwhile and make a difference. 
  15. Camp out under the stars for a week. Getting back to nature and connecting to the land, by now you should have seen life from under a canopy of stars. 
  16. Bid at an auction. Forget ebay we’re talking the real deal, a steady nerve and cool palms. Be it for that Tiffany lamp you’ve secretely had your eye on for weeks or your first home, it takes a takes a certain steel to bid successfully. 
  17. Overcome a fear. Have you strapped some chicken wings to your stomach and dived into piranha infested waters? Sat in a bath full of snakes balanced precariously on top of a tall building while kissing a spider? Perhaps its time to face that phobia. 
  18. Be a rock god. “Yes kids, your dad was in a band when he was younger, they were called Audio Cesspool and they really were shit.” 
  19. Eat something truly weird. The discussion this started in our office produced the revelation that one of our number has eaten smoked iguana!!! 
  20. Stayed up all night and watched the sunrise. We can’t believe there are people out there who haven’t partied until dawn and if you’re one of them… shame on you! 
  21. Started your own business. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson. They all started somewhere. 
  22. Said “I love you” and mean it. We’re not afraid to show our emotions, last night we cried in the pub when we lost the pub quiz, it’s ok for modern men to show how they feel and essential when you find someone special. 
  23. Taken a punt on a long shot. Forget online casinos, that’s for sad blokes who don’t get out much. The truly cool James Bond types among you will have thrown it all on black in Monte Carlo or picked the 100-1 outsider to sting the bookies. 
  24. Sung in public. All women love a guy who can sing but showing her pictures of you in the school choir is unlikely to win favour with fair maiden. 
  25. Drink Tequila in Mexico.Caiprinhas in Rio, Vodka in Moscow, Rum in Jamaica, Guinnes in Dublin. No points for Tenants Extra in a shop doorway in Glasgow. 
  26. Sell something you’ve made to someone you don’t know. Is there a talent you’ve utilised to make some cash? 
  27. Walk a mighty distance. It’s amazing what you learn about yourself and your surroundings when you use your feet to travel for a few days instead of your car. Go green, there’s a big world out there and you might be missing it. 
  28. Learn a magic trick. All guys should know at least one magic trick. 
  29. Look after someone else’s kids for the day. And lived to tell the tale... more importantly so should they. If you get the chance you could show them your magic trick!! 
  30. Quit something you love. A bit like this list, all good things must come to an end. It takes a big man to walk away from something he loves. 
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You clearly are a guy who wants to party but just need a bit of help to get that party started. Click here for some original party tips and Stag Do games.

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