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Stag Ideas

ID Tags

Before the stag do get everyone to send you their information for the following;

Name (Nickname)

Position (use your imaginations here)

Favourite drink

Grooms... (cousin, brother, boss, Best Man, etc. This is a way for the group to all work out who's who and a good ice breaker)

Biggest Ambition

ID cards are then made up and laminated to be worn on lanyards around everyone's necks for the duration of the party.

There are also a number of games that can then be played using your cards.

The Tosser (Decision Coin)

You'll need an old English penny or a heavy coin, it will become the most powerful penny of the night. Every decision, every choice, will be decided by this dirty old penny. Another drink? Another club? Lap dance or get a round in? The penny decides, all must obey the power of the "Decision Coin"

Printed T-Shirts

These can be more comfortable than fancy dress but allows you to spot each other in a busy bar or club.

You can have all kinds of laughs deciding what goes on the shirts. One idea; get all the group to state their favourite biscuit and this then becomes their nickname for the stag, "Kit-Kat", "Hobnob", "Jammy Dodge" "Iced Ring", etc. You'll be amazed how many girls will strike up a conversation by mentioning what's on your T-shirt.

Alternatively if you have a suitably hideous photo of the groom, keyrings, baseball caps and other trinkets can all be cheaper and more convenient mementos of his big weekend.

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The Stag List T-shirt

A t-shirt to be worn by either the Groom or the Best Man, it has a list of all the things that have to be achieved by the group, over the course of the night. The Best Man should carry a marker pen and tick off each task on the shirt as they are achieved.


Kiss a stranger

Bag a trophy

Have a curry

Get a free drink

Do Tequila shots

You get the idea!

Best Man Speech

Kidnap The Groom

Want to make things a bit different and keep the groom in the dark? Simply tell him what to pack, turn up on the day and bundle him in the back of a waiting car. Be sure to make it authentic and leave the bride a ransom note telling her where to pick him up and what the price of his safe return will be.

Dress The Groom

It is something of a tradition to embarrass the groom on his stag do but keep in mind his own tastes and comfort limitations and also the wishes of the bride. She might not approve of you dragging him to a strip club and he might not want to be left naked, chained up to a lamppost. But picking out the right costume for him to wear on his night out can make things appropriately interesting without scarring him for life. Anything from a full brides outfit to kitting him out in dressing gown, pyjamas, slippers and pipe are suitable foretastes of what is waiting for him when his big day arrives.

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