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So many stag do's rely on the same old tired drinking games. Let’s be honest here chaps, sometimes they can get a bit tedious, that’s why we would urge you to rise to the occasion and dare to be different. After all this is a big occasion for the guest of honour, it’s his last days of freedom with his closest mates, he’s chosen you guys to spend it with and as has bestowed the honour of best man on you and deserves a proper send off in return.

Don’t just make this another stag party, this should be the stag party to end all stag parties, something that will go down in legend among all the other guests with tales that will be retold in pubs for years to come.

With just a deck of cards, a Decision Coin, a pair of knickers and a bag of plastic toy soldiers you can create your own stag do games and not only become the toast of all your mates by leading the greatest stag do of all time but also create a night out that everyone who sees you will wish they were a part of or willingly join in with.

The best stag nights are made not just by those who set out at the beginning but by those picked up along the way!

To help kick start an epic night out we’ve created some unqiue and totally awesome games for you, and they’re completely free to download.

It's quite often the case that people come together from different parts of the groom’s life (work, family, sports team, old school friends, etc) and it’s more than likely not everyone will have met before. So many of our games have been designed as ice-breakers and a way for everyone to get to know each other.

More importantly a lot of these games have been created to include other people, in particular targeting girls and bringing them in on your fun.

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