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Stag Do
How to Plan a Stag Weekend

Too many stag do's fall foul of the tired drinking games (been there, done that, stained the T-shirt) and bad organisation. Don’t be that guy.

With just a little bit of preparation and planning you can make it a stag weekend of epic proportions.

The Budget

Not all the stags will have the same amount of cash to burn, it can be a delicate question so ask the groom about everyone’s cash flow before you set a stag weekend budget that might price anyone out.

Get connected

No doubt the stag group will be made up from all walks of the groom’s life, friends, family, colleagues, etc. The easiest way to organise this rabble is to set up a Facebook or WhatsApp group. It’s a simple way of passing on info with a minimum of hassle. It also allows the rest of the guys to contribute ideas. Plus you can all share your photos after the event of the carnage unfolding. Just remember to keep the group ‘Private’ (click below for a ‘How to’ guide).
How to set up a group page

Team kit

If you’re planning T-shirts, hats, ID cards, etc for the big weekend, make sure you get them organised well in advance so they arrive in plenty of time.

Dare to be different

There’s nothing worse than a badly organized or (even worse) boring stag weekend. Try to think of something original that will make this stag one you’ll all be talking about for years to come. We have a selection of free, original stag do games for you. You’re welcome

Click here to get your free stag games.

Plan ahead

Don't leave it until the last minute or you could find all your great ideas come to nothing as everything is already booked up by more organised best men. You don’t want to spend a weekend in a caravan in Skegness as that’s all that was left. Booking early can also save you money (which you can divert into the beer budget!).

Fun and games

We've all played drinking games with our mates but this is a special occasion and deserves a little more planning with games and events to prove you really were the Best Man for the job. It might cost you a couple of quid extra here and there before the event but it'll be worth it for the fun you'll have, the groom's only going to do this once and he picked YOU as his Best Man for a reason. Click here to see our free stag games.

Don't Tell Upset the Bride

Shaving the groom’s eyebrows might seem like a great laugh to you, but do anything to ruin the photos on the big day and the bride will leave you singing falsetto for life!

Ask The Experts

You can take all the hassle out of your big weekend by letting the guys at do the planning for you. Not only will they do all the legwork, they can also help save you a few quid to.

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